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This list of IAFF Locals is provided to you by Local 1132, Roanoke Fire Fighters Association, of Roanoke City, Virginia.

Feel free to submit a link or notify us of a broken link. If your local does not have a website yet and you would like to see it listed here email us with the Local #, Association, and State. If you would like some assistance in starting a website of your own, or have questions and/or comments about this website, please email us.

Bear with us as we complete the list and add the locals to the right hand side under the proper State.

Thank you for visiting IAFFLocals.com. This is the original online list of IAFF Locals on the internet. We pride ourselves in keeping an up-to-date list with the help of our visitors who have sent in updates for the past couple of years we have been online although this is a work in progress.

IAFF Logos

These IAFF images have been found on various sites. These have been used by our developers in the past. In the future we plan on giving proper identification of where the images came from. If you have images you would like to share, feel free to send them in to us. IAFF affiliates are welcome to use these images for their use. Images have been reduced and might be larger when you save them.



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